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I'm looking for a to-do app for the Mac and iPhone and have been very pleased with Things for the Mac, but as yet it doesn't sync with the iPhone and, when it does, it won't be via MobileMe but just wifi, which is limiting.

Therefore, I thought I'd look at Omnifocus but I'm concerned it's too complex for my needs. I've tried GTD processes in the past (using iGTD software) and just didn't get on with it.

So, can I use Omnifocus as a more traditional to-do list, much as I do with Things?

I want to be able to order tasks into categories according to what area of my work/home life they relate to, possibly into context (writing, phone etc), and be able to move tasks into a 'Today' folder so I can organise my day.

Edit: I've now downloaded Omnifocus and had a look at it. I've set up folders for my areas of work (I work in publishing, so I have, say, 'Mag X, Mag Y, Mag Z, Home, Admin, and so on). Then I have a task (say, 'Write feature 1') which relates to, say 'Mag X', so I want to be able to put it into this folder. However, I can't see a way of doing this, unless I create the task as a project.

You see, for me, 'Write feature 1' is all I want. I don't want or need to break this down into 'Call x for info', 'do research', 'sharpen pencil,' etc.

Any suggestions?



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