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Hi thanks for the reply.

I've looked into doing this, but it appears that it's not possible to set due dates to actions. Is this correct?
Of course you can set due dates to actions! It would be pretty useless without that function! It's possible that you don't have the due date column showing (see the Columns entry in the View menu) which might lead to this conclusion. Or select an item (or group of items) and open the Inspector (click on the lowercase "i" in a blue circle in the toolbar, or use the Inspectors menu) and you'll be able to manipulate star dates, due dates, duration estimates, etc.
Also, how do I set up a 'today' list? That is surely an essential.
Hmm, a by-the-book GTDer would perhaps argue otherwise. But we're not here to argue dogma, so here are some suggestions. I'm assuming a 'today' list is simply a list you create by hand to show you what you are going to work on today.

Switch your window to context mode. Make sure the view bar is visible (View->Show View Bar if needed). Select "Remaining" or "Active" for the selector over the sidebar (which contexts to filter). Group actions by ungrouped. Sort by due, if you like, or whatever else seems appropriate. Show actions with state remaining or available. Any duration. Flagged. Use the Perspectives->Save Window as New Perspective command to save that window as a perspective, name it something like "Today". Now, each day when you plot out your day, you'll go through your list of actions (do Perspectives->Remaining Items to get a view of everything yet to be completed) and flag the things you want to work on that day. Just click on the little ghost flag emblem at the end of the line to toggle the flag status. When you are ready to work, just open your Today perspective and start ticking off the tasks as you accomplish them. Anything you don't complete will still be on the list for the next day.