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I just installed OOP to have a go at GTD. And my MacBook Pro CD won't shut up!. MDS indexing has been on for hours ever since I installed taking up 100% or one processor fully.

I think the onset of the mds indexing was written in the console as something like omnioutliner calling for a reindexing. I had the line but now it's been archived somewhere ;-/

mds has been full on for 17hrs!!!

any ideas? battery now lasts <2hrs..

EDIT found the log:

2007-02-18 22:25:11.324 OmniOutliner[8794] This version of OmniOutliner has a newer Spotlight importer (/Applications/, version 2) than previously run ((null)). Requesting a re-index of files handled by our importer.

So still firing away here. LOL

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