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The newly burnished CSV export is looking extremely useful. Thanks for building this in. I really like that it exports only what I am looking at. If someone wants to export everything, there is a way to show that.
There are a couple of issues that I would appreciate clarification or comment on.
First: Are you going to stick with the ASCII 10 (newline) as the separator between lines in the notes field? This seems quite reasonable, and can't be the same as the carriage return character that separates the records. (BTW, there is an extra newline char at the end of each note)
Second: Is the handling of links going to change between now and release? It would be nice to have the actual url's in the field, but how to handle them...? This is very valuable information in many cases, and should not be left behind.
It makes some sense to write it as standard html, but maybe that's because I would know what that means--others may not. An alternative is to place the url after the title (which is apparently all that's exported right now). It could be enclosed in some unusual brackets (angle brackets or curly braces, or user choice).
Perhaps we could weigh in on this issue and help the Omni elves finish this function.
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