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i am playing around with Omnifocus and the webdav functionality, but i can't make it work. I am customer at one of the bigger german webhosting providers ( and i think the problem is the following: when i create a webdav account, it has a different url than the path within the file system. For example, the url for all accounts is always http(s):// and you have to login with the accountname and your password. however, the actual path where it refers to is not a directory called "/webdav/", but it could be anything really, e.g., "/webdav/accountname", "/accountname" or "/whatever/foobar". The first one, "/webdav/accountname" is my real setup. I am thinking this may possibly be a problem, because it get the following message when i try to sync:
Unable to synchronize database with server
Unable to perform webdav operation.

The server returned "forbidden" (403) in response to a request to "PROPFIND /webdav/OmniFocus.ofocus".
So i am not sure where the propfind is supposed to look. The correct physical path would be /webdav/accountname/OmniFocus.ofocus" or if the path is relative, i would expect the PROPFIND to remove "/webdav" and just do "/OmniFocus.ofocus". But that way, i suspect there is something off, right?

Another unrelated question: does the webdav support in Omnifocus support SSL?

Thanks for the answers!