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I guess almost everybody under the sun is expecting the implementation of multiple contexts or some tagging system
Why do you think that? There are more sources than ever of in-depth advice on how to use OmniFocus, and I can't recall any of them wishing for multiple context or tagging, or encouraging their readers to lobby Omni for the same. The fact that Omni isn't giving it to us suggests strongly that in the grand scheme of things, not many people are requesting those features relative to other desired features.
Anyway i did a quick search and read that that doesn't seem to be coming with OF 2

Is that right?
OF 2 has been presented as a leveling of the feature set and new look and feel. None of the platforms have tagging or multiple contexts. Also, to maintain sync compatibility with the existing iOS apps, no changes are being made to the data model, and changes would be necessary to implement those features.

I also read someone is still suggesting HIGHLY UNPRACTICAL workarounds like nested contexts and manually adding tags to tasks…
I'd like to know this nightmare will soon come to an end… please give me some hope

Highly impractical, yet proven :)

Look, people at Omni use the tool to manage substantial workloads in the same ways that you reject as impractical. Lowest resistance results are often obtained when using tools in the fashion their designers envisioned. Square pegs and round holes, you know.

Retooling the UI and data model on all three apps to support the mythical metadata column is no trivial task. Judging from the statement of goals for 2013 on the Omni blog, and the pace of Omni development work in the many years I've been a customer, there is almost no chance you'll be using such features in OmniFocus in 2013.


Footnote: i love OF, but as it's deeply rooted on a calendar workflow – the due on specific date kind of stuff, while my task are of the 'urgent', 'soon', 'next' nature – i'm using contexts to work that out and my poor single-context-for-a-task is already gone bye bye
Just another example of the limitations of single contexts…
What is it exactly that you love about OmniFocus, if your preferred working style is as incompatible as you assert? It would be a mistake, btw, to allege that those of us who comfortably manage using OmniFocus in the ways you reject do not have substantial burdens of tasks that would be characterized in the same way. The GTD system that inspired OmniFocus does not require use of a calendar. The calendar-based functionality is present to support those tasks which are calendar-based.

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