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Tags would be a nice and interesting feature to have but Omnigroup had to prioritize feature sets.

I am guessing that adding tags would fundamentally change the underlying data structure and require an additional three to six months (or more) to put this into place. Omnigroup would also have to rejigger the iPad and iPhone version to support this. So would you want to wait even longer than we already have to get tags?

I also think that we have to be careful of what we ask for. Tags seems like the new bright, shiny object that everyone wants to see. It might be a nice feature to have but we may not really use it once we do get it. It reminds me of the time when my daughter asks me for a toy that she really must have or the world must end. So I finally break down after several weeks of pestering and buy it. She gives me a big hug, promises to diligently do her homework and chores (ha!) and goes off to play with it. After a couple of days, all the marbles are gone and she no longer likes the toy..... Bright, shiny object indeed.

I think that suggesting that nested contexts is HIGHLY UNPRACTICAL is just a sign of resistance to change and attempting to learn a new workflow. Learning how to use nested tags was a little rough at first but now it has become second nature to me. I don't even think about it anymore.