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It sounded like it. Given there hasn't been a paid upgrade to OmniFocus since the original version shipped in June 2008, it seems reasonable for them to charge for an upgrade. You don't need to upgrade if you don't want, and the App Store has no mechanism to offer discounted upgrades.
It's true that OF hasn't had a pay for upgrade since 2008 but not everyone will have bought it then (I did, btw, but not the other OG iOS apps due to go to v.2 that I bought much more recently). It's the reality of the App store's lack of upgrade pricing that I hope and wish OmniGroup recognise means they need to adopt a different charging regime. A week or 2 after initial release like 1password at e.g. half price is a good compromise IMO. It means that current users get the opportunity to upgrade with a discount but obviously it means they lose out for any new users who purchase in that period. However, isn't it better to keep loyal customers loyal than to lose your core base due to bad feelings around a sense of being gouged.