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yes, that's true about Omni pricing their apps higher. But I guess some programs will never be priced any lower. If you think you got value for your purchase, then you'll feel justified to paying that high price. Otherwise it is a bit too much for buyers who don't use it enough to justify its price.

I use OF every day and live off of it. So I'll get my full money's worth out of the purchase of a new app version. My sister is quite happy with Reminders on the iPhone. She just shakes her head when she sees my OmniFocus setup. My life has a bunch of grouped tasks or projects. So I'll need OF for iPhone. Her life tends to be more of a bunch of single tasks that can be placed into simple lists or groups. She's quite happy with Reminders. At least we have choices.

We are also seeing a new business model in the software industry. Now we are asked to go a subscription model. Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud are the first salvo in an evolving industry. It may feel uncomfortable and strange at first. But it'll get accepted in the same way we pay for cellphone service or cable TV service.

In-App purchases have also become trendy to attract users to buy features in an ala-carte method. Just buy the features that you want or you can buy the entire package. Imagine a spreadsheet program. You get basic features for free or low cost. But then you can buy an engineering package for an additional sum for those that need those features. Then there could be a statistical package for those that may want those features.

It's interesting to see how the industry has evolved over the years.