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What Brian and Gopi said!

I've used both Mac and iPhone apps since day one on each but I have to admit I used to be terrible at keeping on top of reviews until I got the iPad version. Now it's so easy to do my review I've already seen a huge improvement in my ability to work my system.

Same here and I believe that it's completely psychological but I find doing certain things on the iPad (in this case OF weekly review) simply engenders better focus.

My one gripe with OF4iPad review is the inability to lock the review period to a specific day, but the workaround of setting the review period to 3-4 days should work quite well for me.

I'd also like to have the 'option' to filter out on-hold projects and believe it should be an option in 'Settings' because some users prefer the current method.

Lastly, during review I'd prefer to be able to hide actions with contexts assigned on a per project basis. In general if it has a context assigned to it, I'm actively working it and don't need to see it cluttering up activities requiring legitimate review. However, I can also imagine that with sequential projects I'd actually prefer to see these items during review (I don't currently have any active sequential projects, but it's inevitable). It's because both scenarios can be simultaneously applicable that I believe this setting should be a 'per project' attribute.

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