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I had to turn in my MacBook to AppleCare last night and only had two hours to get to the apple store to drop it off, so I began my weekly review on the iPad. For a thorough, in depth review the iPad insisted with too many finger taps, while perhaps due to having the Mac version for years now it allowed me to quickly create and modify prOjects all around.

I do believe the iPad version is great for reviews, but personally only if I don't have 100+ inbox items to process. When it's time to simPly Scan and modify a few items then the MacBook is a power house.

Nevertheless, I dropped off my MacBook with Apple and will continue to use both the iPad and iPod app till I get my MacBook back.

I've found the iPad app to be very well structured and laid out, though currently believe I am subconsciously struggling to simply just tackle next actions.....

...but that's another story.