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New user to OG Pro 5.02, running on MBP/10.5.5/4GB. Open this drawing:

Note that the large white "frame" (really just a rectangle) at the back is _locked_.

Select the little white box that the connector arrow is going into, then drag it around to move it. The large white frame moves, too, even though it's supposed to be locked. (you can select other stuff, too, as long as you don't select the box the connector is coming from.)

The root problem seems to be that the midpoint of the connector is somehow tied to the big white frame. If you move the midpoint, the frame moves. If you select and delete the connector, the frame disappears. But if you select them both, you can't ungroup them, so they're not grouped.

Is this a bug, a corrupt file, or did I somehow turn on a feature that I don't know how to turn off?