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I've searched the forum and have not found anyone with exactly this same problem. So I'm hoping someone can help. I have a problem whereby some tasks from some projects do not show up in the context view, even though they are active projects and active tasks. Whether I'm sorting by remaining or available or next action, it doesn't matter. They don't show up. The problem seems to relate to certain folders or projects that I have set up. I have experimented with setting up a new folder with the same exact task written, with the same qualities and then it shows up. Is it possible that a folder or project gets corrupted somehow and loses it's ability to sort into the various views? If folders or projects are getting corrupted this way, and I'm missing the full extents view of my task on a regular basis, then I'll lose confidence in OF's ability to accurately handle my task list needs.

Has anyone else had this same problem? And know of a fix?