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Also received this response via e-mail which worked for me. I'm all back up and running on my iPad. Thanks OF support


Hi Pete,

Thanks for writing in! While we do try to keep on top of the forums, emailing us directly is the best way to get your questions answered quickly. It's possible that the database is growing larger, making it more difficult for the iPad to sync due to memory limitations on the device. Here are some things you should try to compact your database:

On the Mac:
- Use the Archive function (File>Move Old Data to Archive) to clear out old completed or Dropped actions and projects

- Make sure you don't have a lot of embedded attachments in your database (documnets, pictures, etc.) Please note that clipped e-mails embed attachments into OmniFocus as well. You may have to go through your actions and remove large attachments from the database. OmniFocus 1.8 on the Mac now has an Attachment Viewer (available in the Windows menu), where you can view and delete embedded attachments.

- Open the Preferences menu, and click on the Sync tab. Click on the Clients button, and unregister all clients in that list (don't worry, they'll automatically re-register themselves on the next sync)

Now, run a sync on the Mac- this should compact the database on your sync server. Then, head over to your iPad and sync. You should see an improvement in performance.

Let me know if OmniFocus is still crashing. Thanks!


Jameson Brown
Support Ninja
Omni Group