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Simple exporting from OF to Merlin is easily scriptable,
but as soon as you start moving along the spectrum from export toward sync, complexity balloons and obstacles multiply.

Two simple things for a start:
  1. Which is which ? Export from Merlin to OF would need to include an ID field, to allow for confidence that the right activity would subsequently be overwritten with new data. Hard to store that ID in an OF task without some kind of kludge.
  2. Which is newer/correct ? Even if we know which OF task matches which Merlin activity, we still need to be confident that the update doesn't over-write post export modifications which we want to keep. Would a modification date suffice ? I'm not sure, from a very quick glance at Merlin, that activities have a modification date field/property - possibly I am missing something.

In short, not something which I am personally planning to undertake :-)

Might be worth talking to the writers of Merlin itself.