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I moved all my data from kGTD to OF, so it is my main GTD system now, but I never did implement all the features in kGTD and now I am still trying to figure out how to do so in OF.

The lack of any kind of written documentation is making it a bit difficult (yes, i know it is alpha!).

Is there any concise overview on using the date features? What is the column with the stopwatch for?

What about keyboard shortcuts? Has anyone compiled a list?

I heard about a 2nd video from Ethan Schoonover. Is this just a rumor? If not, where can I find it?

Perhaps one of the OF gurus on this board would be so kind as to start an unofficial help document that could be anchored at the top of the forum and updated/edited as time goes on...... please !!

Another thing I would find incredibly usefull is to see some examples of how people set up their projects and contexts. I've seen a few posting about this on the board, but an thread of samples from people who have a handle on this would be a huge help.

(Also, I'm very frustrated with iCal syncing. Why is OF syncing EVERYTHING to iCal? My iCal calender is useless because it has 500 items in the ToDo list, including items from contexts that I dont want in iCal. Please give us the ability to choose what we want to synch !)

OK, end of semi-rant. Thank you !!!