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From a strict GTD perspective, these should be caught in your weekly review.

From a less strict perspective, Curt's script for identifying projects with no next action are useful, but it would be nice if OF identified projects with no next action defined so that we could define one.

A quick and dirty way to do so is to switch to Planning mode, filter by Next action, move focus to the outline, and then Expand All. Any project that doesn't have an action needs your attention.

But a more robust review feature would have an easier way to identify these. A couple months ago we were promised a nifty new review feature; I wonder what's going on with that.
That almost works... but filtering by next action does not show the actions that haven't started yet.

When I filter by next action, I see all the projects with no actions... until I filter by All, or remaining, then I see the actions that have a future start date.

So projects that look like they don't have a next action, actually have one... it just hasn't started yet.