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I would like to request that Due be added to the status filter.

What I'm trying to do is see at a high level everything I have to do over the next year in collapsable chunks.

I have a project mode perspective that sort of does this now (Grouping: Due, Sorting: Due, Availability: Remaining, Status: Any, Estimated Time: Any) but it also shows in the collapsable time brackets assorted other tasks that are linked to the project that may not have due dates.

Basically, what I'm looking for is a Due perspective but one that includes EVERYTHING with a due date grouped by time (next week, next month, next three months, next six months, next year).

It would also be good if some more granularity could be added in the earlier chunks like next two weeks, next three weeks, etc.

Can I do this with what I've got now, or does the software require an upgrade to work like this?