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I've uploaded Cisco stencils to Graffletopia for consumption.

Information Page:

Cisco's vector shapes from converted from individual color EPS files (last updated May 2010) to allow use with the iOS and the Mac OS release of OmniGraffle.

There are 293 shapes in this stencil.

OmniGraffle for the Mac will display these in full vector while the current iOS release (at the time of this writing) will display these in raster when used however sending the diagram to a Mac clearly indicates the shapes are still in full vector format.

For reference of each shape use

All images are freely available from Cisco and are likely copyrighted or trademarks of Cisco.

It took me nearly 10 hours total figure out and get each shape into a useable image format (while still in their original vector form) for the iPad release. This was a pain but worked out very well and I have just made my first diagram with them. My goal was to use all of the same stencils for every network diagram I create and find the Cisco stencils to be the most encompassing set.

Please drop a line of you found these useful.

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