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This is by far the most clean and slimmed down theme I've designed for Omnifocus. I styled it to match the colors and themes found in the new OSX Lion interface. I think it's a great fit. I hope you enjoy it.


Grab it here:
This is a great one! I just tweaked your theme by changing the backgrounds of my Overdue and Due Soon tasks. I also took some inspiration from the Asian Efficiency theme.

I set Overdue tasks to a bold, red typeface with a bright yellow background. This is the warning sign that I have overdue items.

Due Soon tasks are set to a bold, orange typeface with a light yellow background. Orange is my color for warning!

This helps the Due Soon and Overdue tasks stick out a lot more.

Tasks that are unavailable (not yet started, blocked by a prior action) are grayed out. It helps visually block out tasks that I am unable to do today.

Tasks that are available but not urgent (not due or flagged) have a green bold font with white background. The color green reminds me of a "Go" stoplight and tells me that I can do this item now.

I think it might be a bit too colourful for many folks but I tend to look at things through colors. Changing font sizes didn't really do it for me because it was just too subtle for me.

Thanks to Asian Efficiency and NightLion for the inspiration!

Thanks for the great themes!

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