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I am using Mountain Lion, Apple Mail and two email accounts hosted on Exchange servers. Using Mail allows me enormous power from with AppleScript to work with the emails etc. Apps such as Postbox has limited AppleScript usage and I then need to connect using IMAP.

My problem with my setup is with Sent emails clipped to OmniFocus, or indeed Forwarded to Mail Drop with the 'message id' pasted into the email. Selecting the 'Original Message' link brings up the error message shown in the attached file.

This behaviour is made worse by the fact that it does not always happen and selecting opens up the email!

Has anyone experienced similar behaviour and is there a cure!?
Sent mails don't have proper headers. There are all kinds of things wrong with them.

Have you considered bcc'ing yourself on messages and just regularly emptying the "sent messages" items? I'd recommend that; it solves all sorts of issues, in all sorts of things other than OmniFocus.