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Oiden is my current hero for spelling this out step by step. I had already narrowed it down to some sort of DB conflict rather than due directly to the syncing software. So far this is finally working for me. I am tentative still as there have been so many ups and downs in this process.

So far so good though. Props to Oden for taking the time to do this! This certainly beat the few dismissive posts I got essentially implying that because they had it working that I shouldn't be having the problem. Hope you restrict that sort of "help" to your cyber relationships, for your sake.

Thanks Oiden.

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I figured out the same thing, and came up with a workaround:

1. I made a backup copy of my original DB, renaming it something like Omnifocus_original. This is important. Then I deleted the original DB from the Application Support Folder. I also made sure the sync copy on .Mac (I hate the new name MobileMe) was deleted.

2. Then I installed a fresh copy of OF/iPhone on the iPhone and selected New Database for the iPhone (local copy) as it starts up for the first time. I then synced that to the iDisk, and then synced the iDisk to my Laptop copy of OF. Everything synced, so far so good, because all was a fresh unused copy of OF (with default actions.).

3. Now I have a sync-able DB of OF on my laptop, created originally on the iPhone. Next I opened that database, and also opened the "original database" by double clicking on it. Both are opened in separate windows on the desktop.

4. Now delete all the "starter" actions from the empty database, making it truly empty. Now go over to the original database's sidebar, and click your project, or folder full of projects, and option-c (copy) that. Mouse over to the empty database, and paste these in that sidebar. Do this as many times as you need to to get everything there.

5. I synced a few times during that process, up to the .Mac and then down to the iPhone, and sure enough, everything ended up on the iPhone looking great.

6. Last I did need to click in the contexts sidebars, and "clean up a little" there, as several contexts showed up with no title. Click the untitled context, figure out what it is and then just title it. All this synced just fine.

It took 2 days to figure out to do this, figuring out that the 1.1 upgraded DB was the culprit. But it only took roughly an hour to finally implement it. Hope this can save somebody several hours of figuring things out.

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