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Kenn. glad yours is working. It is a good feeling. As I've said elsewhere, it is truly a home run combo when things are synching. Hard too see how something like location aware contexts and synching back to the mothership could not be in the future of electronic GTD.

Mine unfortunately developed a new problem. When the iphone syncs endlessly so I have to reset the iphone to get out of it. Often when I do that OFiphone hangs permanently on the load screen, and the only way out is to delete the app and start over. I'm back out of the game for now.

At this point I'm going to hold off on trying to synch anymore until there is a new version of OFiphone. It's not even really tempting to try anymore for me since it is resulting in some sort of crash, and often a fatal one with every attempt. I'll take that as my cue to have a seat on the bench for a bit.