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Perhaps I did not explain this good enough. I do of course see the option. Turn grid on, turn snap on, drag a new shape out but dont let go. Notice how you can place it anywhere.

Ah, now I see though, they do drop into the grid :)

I guess it would be nice to see as you drag an object around how it snaps to the grid.

What shape are you dragging out for this experiment? When I do it, using the shape tool in drawing mode (tap the pencil, tap the rectangle with a +) the side closest to where I started dragging is drawn aligned with the grid from the outset. I suppose it is possible that the behavior has changed between the released version and the alpha I'm running.

Or do you mean drag a shape out from a stencil? That does seem to allow you to drop it anywhere, initially, though any subsequent adjustment snaps to the grid.