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I'm using the default shapes in the stencils drop down. If I draw shapes manually they do snap but part of the reason I want to use a grid is to save time.

I've found with some experimentation that the grid is indeed broken. Shapes may vertically align to it when they do not horizontally align to it.

I don't even care if the top/left edge snaps to a grid point, as long as all the shapes are on the SAME grid I can position them accurately and quickly. Workflow would be speeded up.

As it is (broken) I still have to nudge shapes into place pixel by pixel.

This is a serious failing of a piece of software the requires accurate placement of objects. The absence of an 'align' feature must have been a seriously discussed topic before release. Sketch has align and I find that easier to use for many things for that very reason.

As it stands: With grid turned on, snap to grid turned on, default shapes (squares) dragged from the shapes palette do NOT automatically snap to the grid. They each snap to what appears to be an independent grid so that aligning them with each other is impossible without nudging them pixel by pixel.

I wish something so fundamental hadn't been overlooked. Sigh.

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