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That's not what I'm seeing. As I said, the initial placement from a stencil is not snapped to the grid, but any subsequent movement is.

(you'll have to forgive the low production values!)

You're a "glass is half-empty" kind of guy, aren't you? It's amazing how well the feature works, considering it was allegedly overlooked! You might want to direct such reports to Omni support (via the Contact Omni button) in the future, as they may not see them here.

As I said, the initial placement is not snapped to the grid. I don't regard this as a big problem, because it is likely that the stencil needs to be resized as well as placed. Any subsequent movement snaps to the grid on the edge(s) closest to your finger.
Please keep your assessments focused on the product and off the people. Your knowledge and product opinion is valued, your judgements of people are not.

Cheers and yes, thanks for the tips.