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Only the projects are exposed.

I don't know anything about OpenMeta. I do know that it would be possible to write an Applescript that walked the entire OmniFocus database, and extracted the name of each item and constructed a URL that could be used by another program to open OmniFocus and go directly to that item. You would have to run such a script often to keep the data up to date as your database changes.
That could work very well. If the script were to generate a file for each task with the content being the URL then the files could be tagged using OpenMeta. At that point, the project and the individual tasks could be tagged to anyone's heart's content and be available the tag browsers.

OpenMeta is a way of tagging files. The area used for tagging is a file's extended attributes (xattr), which any software could access programmatically (and many do). Having this capability could resolve the entire multiple contexts/tagging by placing the issue outside of OF. Personally, that would be a preferred approach, as with this capability, one would desire to view tags across applications. For instance, I can do a search on a particular tag and see all the files, emails and even EverNote notes that have been tagged with said tag.