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Firstly, my post was a LONG while ago and have not been actively reading this group forum and so even had to struggle to remember password to get back on (excuse for delay in responding).

I did get a hacked solution to my problem working but then realised I was trying to put too much structure into my Projects' file and never wound up using it. By contrast (following a good ScreenCast by David Sparks of MacSparky) I tend to add more structure to contexts.

Whatever be the case, I do still have that code lying around somewhere. It was not that difficult to back out the XML structure and I think I used the Perl Module XML :: Simple to read in the backup file.

A much harder problem I have been trying to work on in bits is to go from a MindNodePro file (with images and/or multimedia) and then automate that to a sensible KeyNote file - iWorks documentation of Keynote is minimal and they do not even pretty print when they save which is really sick. But also I realised soon that the structure of a Keynote Presentation is not clearly defined by a MindNode (or OmniOutliner) tree. So I am contenting myself to work on a general bag of tricks graph program in my beloved Lisp which I will soon start using for more fun stuff, but that's another story.

If you would be keen for me to dig out my Omnifocus backup parsing code in Perl I would be happy to do so - but please in that case email me at iluvembra AT gmail DOT com and I will hunt down on one of my messy external drives and send to you. Sorry but flat is in current chaos a bit and also home network due to central heating being replaced some months ago - not all back in place so please bear with me.

I don't often check in on this forum hence my request to communicate by email for this - will get swifter results.