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I have found the code I wrote - the Perl code is incomplete - just reads in the file format from XML and does nothing more with it as I found that working with Lisp was easier for me being more familiar with that language and having found a simple XML parser as well.

The lisp code I wrote was very minimal and just reads in the XML and then grabs those nodes in the XML tree that are either tasks or folders or contexts and pushes them on one of two stacks which are then bound to global variables for me to play about with and display if I want to as the structure is in there through "children" links.

You are welcome to all of it as is and I would add the last step of writing a Dot input file for Graphviz as it is fairly trivial - but since you want to use JavaScript or aught I felt the most useful thing I could give you would be the structured output from the XML backup file (which I did pretty print in lisp so you should get a good feel for the structure of the XML backup file from Omnifocus).

But chances are you have already solved the problem so just email me if you want any more than this.