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Like most, I sure love beautifully sexy UI elements. However, as a professional project manager, I cannot get much use out of OmniPlan for iPad. It has way too many gaps:

1. No WBS/Network features (essential steps BEFORE developing a Gantt).
2. As mentioned above in other posts, no export capability to standard formats like PDF. Silly, it's built right into iOS.
3. No export functions to popular services, like Dropbox, iCloud, etc. Also unforgivable for a tool that's supposed to be used by mobile workers, and the data shared with stakeholders.
4. No importing/Exporting of MS Project files. This is a sick joke, right? Surely a new build with this feature will be in the App Store tomorrow, right?

I could go on, and on. But why bother.

Let's hope Omnigroup (or someone else) puts out a real PM tool on iPad for a fair price before we all retire.


Deon Robinson, PMP
Author of: 'So You Got A New iPad. Now What?'