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As others have mentioned in another post, I wanted to question why there is no export functionality, and when this will be added? If the answer is no, then I'd appreciate a refund as without this, the app is utterly useless to me.

I bought this as a simple tool to help visualise to my customers what the project plan would look like in a proposal, together with resources and cost estimates. It seemed perfect, and certainly the app covers most of what I need to do, but short of capturing the gantt screen (Home Button + Power Button) - I can't use export any of the other information.

Now, I'll hold off on being disappointed or annoyed that this was a conscious (poor) design decision to get new users to upgrade to the full product until I've had a response, but I'd encourage this feature to be added or the negative feedback will undoubtedly outweigh the positive for what appears to be a good app.