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So, say I assign a task to Bill, then hit publish in Omniplan. I'd like for Bill to get an email notifying him that this task has been assigned to him. It could be sent immediately, each day at 8am, or weekly.

What steps/process do I need to go through to have this happen?

I do not want them to get a calendar update, as I'm trying to work with a group of people who will be on Exchange and Outlook.

I'm willing to work in AppleScripts or Automator actions, but I can't put any more time into guessing what might work.

I am using OmniSync Server, and can set this up with either a Google Calendar or my iCal calendar if someone knows a way to set this up with some automation to it. I'm willing to bounce this work through some public servers if need be, I just need to know a workflow where they'd be notified of activities they need to be working on from what I do in OmniPlan.