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Well, in my original request earlier I think I would've settled on just getting OmniPlan to produce anything that would be email-able.

As of right now I'm settling on exporting a filtered task list out to an ICS file and importing that into Outlook. It's sloppy and requires extra work that should really be necessary, but it's what I'm going to have to do.

I really would like a solution that would email a task, even individual tasks, out to a resource. I mean, I can select a person from the resource list and email them, so I'm at a loss why I couldn't email them their list directly from resource view. Seems like a pointless thing that all I can do is email them the subject line of the project name.

I REALLY like this product, but it feels like they were expecting someone else to pick up the slack on the backend of publishing data and no one does.

This needs some data I can push out to people, independent of actual dependencies, because I'm not planning on putting out any tasks to people that would not have already completed previous required tasks.

Thankfully my projects aren't that complex or detailed, but I want something that's going to help me keep open tasks organized with other people. And ideal solution would be to use OmniFocus, but I keep reading that OmniFocus and OmniPlan don't talk to each other, so I'm really confused about what to do.