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O.k. I'm trying again but I already did "send feedback" on Monday and got nothing back but the auto response. I'm now emailing custumer service begging that they repsond to me. I reaed on here that they are 6 days behind in the emails.
I'm hoping that begging will get a response but if there is something that I could try on my end... All my work is basically being held hostage since I can't get to it.
Well, they won't see your begging message until after they've seen your original message.

But to be clear... you can't open OmniFocus at all right now?

If you haven't tried downloading the release version you should try that, and possibly just wait until the next release to upgrade. If you've run a sneakypeek successfully you'll need to have the release version use a backup of your database since it uses a different file format.