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Hi Folks!
Over the weeks i've come to realize that there is some issue in the way syncing handles dates & times of repeating actions. I use a single Mac, MobileMe and a 1st Gen iPhone when syncing OF between Mac & phone.
I have a few repeating actions to be done in specific time frames each day (e.g. an end of day review). On the iphone date and time settings for such actions are changed and after syncing these changes propagate back to my mac (sic).

On the mac i set an action as repeating daily, starting on the 22.09.2009 at 16:00h and becoming due on the 22.09.2009 17:00h (german date format, sry).
In the evening i realize that after some syncing the iphone shows this task as starting on the 22.09.2009 at 23:00h (huh?) and becoming due on the 23.09.2009 at 00:00h. On the next morning i take a look at my mac and here these changed action times are displayed, too.
AFAIK this happens only to repeating actions.

Blind guess: Time zone issue?

Does anyone else see similar behaviour?