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Hi Dennis,

I'm just coming back from an abortive experiment with Things, and I think the advantageous element in Things' Today view is that actions that are scheduled to begin 'today' will automatically show up in the view. As Craig noted, you can accomplish this in OmniFocus by flagging everything that starts today and then using a 'flagged' perspective (or I suppose you could simply set 'today' as a start date for everything you want to flag). However, the simplicity of Things' implementation is definitely superior, including the ability to click 'Not Today' and have the item return to its previous state (i.e. its original set of attributes).
Reading this thread, and this post in particular, made me realise why I keep oscillating between Things and OmniFocus. I like the structure that OF offers but really like the simplicity and transparency of Things. To be honest I lean heavily towards Things but keep coming back to OmniFocus when I get fed up with the slow development of Things. Then I get frustrated by the relative opacity of OF on the iPhone, chiefly because of the need to skip constantly between Due Soon, Overdue and Flagged, and switch back to Things for a while.

I guess The Hit List will introduce yet another blend of arrangements to this increasingly crowded space.