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I am using OmniGraffle Pro version 5.1.1 (v137.11.0.108132) on a MacBook Pro running Mac OS X version 10.5.6. I am a new user, trying to make the transition from using Visio under Windows XP. I created a diagram using OmniGraffle (OG), starting from scratch (i.e., no XML was imported in to start with). The diagram includes mostly lines and curves, with no fancy shading at all, and then two types of text: English text using the English Keyboard and Greek text (symbols) using the Greek Keyboard. I used the Keyboard feature of Mac OS to enter the Greek, instead of using the Special Characters item under the OG Edit Menu. The diagram looks great and I can export it to pdf with full integrity, no problems.

I then exported it to a Visio XML file, and I opened it in Visio under Windows XP Pro, using Visio 2007 (12.0.6336.5001) SP1 MSO (12.0.6320.5000). It opens fine and display the lines and curves with fidelity, except that there is a strange "grey" vertical band on the right hand side edge of the diagram, which should not be there. This band disappears when I export from Visio to pdf, so that's not a big deal, although it would be nice to fix that. However, the big deal is the way the text displays, as I'll explain.

In Visio, all text appears as Greek symbols, both the originally English text and the originally Greek text. Even worse, if I try to write new text into the diagram (in Visio, as a new text box), all my new text also displays as Greek. When I check Properties on that text, it does NOT show up as Greek, but it certainly displays as Greek, and exports to pdf as Greek. I thought this may be a Visio issue. So, I minimized that figure in Visio (I didn't kill it) and I started a New Visio figure, and I typed text into that, and I get straightforward English text without any problems.

So, this seems a OG issue. I am guessing that something got written into that XML to force a Greek keyboard, as a global property of some sort. However, the export to XML process in OG does not bring up any properties sheet or similar that I can tweak to fix the problem.

Please help! It is crucial that I should be able to save diagrams in a format that colleagues using Visio can open and edit reliably. Otherwise, I'm afraid I may never become more than a first time user of OG.