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I have to fill out weekly status reports for the projects I'm working on. I would LOVE to see a status reporting capability added to OF, preferably with the ability to assign a list of email addresses that the report should go to and scheduling so it can sent it off every monday morning automatically.

It should -
- Have the ability to turn status reporting on or off for individual projects
- Only look at Active projects, or be configurable
- Show a list of tasks added in the previous week
- Show a list of tasks completed in the previous week
- Show all open tasks
- Show all completed tasks
- Stats:
- Number of tasks added vs. number completed in the week
- Total percentage of tasks completed for the entire project
- any other interesting stats

I've been trying to code something that would do this. If I export each project to CSV, I would be able to do this no problem using a spreadsheet program. Except, OF doesn't export the "Date Added" field. My add date and start date are almost always the same. Does anyone ever go in and actually use the Start Date field? There should be an option to make the start date the same as the add date by default.

The other thing that's annoying is there is no direct XML export function. I can export to .ofocus format, but then I have to go into the directory, unzip some randomly named file, and then grab the XML. Except the XML is for everything under the sun, instead of just the project I had selected when doing the export.

Doing my status reports can sometimes take me *HOURS*. Having this would simplify my life greatly. I know others have made the reporting feature request before, including me. It's been two years. Is it even on the roadmap? When are we going to see something? I love this program, but this is a huge missing feature.