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The dropbox version history option (which I wasn't even aware of) just saved me a bucket load of work. THANKS!!
Glad to hear it! That's one of the killer features of Dropbox, and I show it to everyone when telling them about Dropbox. If you are using the free version, the history only goes back 30 days, but that's still pretty good.
Still, I would consider this a bug that needs to be resolved, so I'll get on to Omnifocus about console log if it happens again.
I agree that it is a bug. You should go ahead and send them email with Help->Send Feedback describing what happened. I seem to be kryptonite for software, but if they see reports of others encountering the same problem it might get some attention sooner than if I'm the only one reporting it.
I do get what you mean about the nature of the embedding. Not ideal but I know now how to work around it. I would honestly have thought that the software could manage to update the embedded file if the location of said file doesn't move?
It certainly would be possible to make the software do that, but I would argue that it wouldn't necessarily be desirable to have it do that. An option to control whether it did that would be fairly esoteric, and Omni tries to keep the option set that a new user has to confront reasonably small (rightly, in my opinion). If it is relatively plain text, one could keep it directly in OmniFocus in the note field and not have to worry about the embedding. You do get RTF text in the notes. Unfortunately editing on the iOS clients will cause the formatting to be lost.