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Thanks for replyes and suggestions. You of course right, talking:
Canonical GTD distinguishes "actions" from "reference" material--those are two different types of "stuff", and really should have two different types of repositories. OmniFocus is for "actions", and there are a number of great tools available to house "reference" material.
But I don't see objective obstacles to use Omni as reference library, because all "stuff" appeared in INBOX change it status to "actable" or "not actable" in time we review our INBOX, having "phisically" separation repository for actionable and non actionable items, require bidirectional channel between these two repositories. We need easily archive non-actionable items to define which action we may to do with it, perhaps while we weekly review or something trigger our reality making data or reference be actionable or it fire several action we may do with this reference.

All this actions on "action" item should be available across system we are using (e.g. I use ipad for review and iphone for following the lists mostly). From my understanding the data from the action differs in the set of attribute easy to program in one system keeping whole GTD module working. Note that we've already have several applications that fills our INBOX (mailers, browsers, IRC clients and so on) adding other application to our GTD stack for saving references (which should be accessible as easy as actions) undervaluate OmniFocus as GTD provider.

I've looked and DEVONs overviews, but it looks like other GTD provider then just reference library.

Additionally: When task executed... What is output of the executed item (do we need store as a reference? Should it go to the trash? Do we need it for self or our manager weekly report?) When we have two (or possible custom set of) types of item : Action and Data (at least), then we opportunity to manage behaviour of item on EXEC action on item and track our projects more effectively (progress will be more visible where it needed and results are easy to get in right place/time), we probably will see OmniFocus more close to GTD model than it's now.

PS. I'm not native English speaker, so sorry for bad quality of my English (and yes I have project in Omni to improving it ;))

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