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I used to use OmniFocus as my reference library, but no longer do so. While it is easy to get things in, I found that it was not always easy to do something useful with all of it. I still use OmniFocus as my main inbox, unless I am at the Mac and have an item which will be reference material. In that case, I may put it directly in DevonThink and add the item link to OmniFocus rather than making yet another task to be done later (one could think of this as a variation of the 2 minute rule it takes less than 2 minutes, even if I have to launch all the software, but if I have a big pile of these in the inbox to deal with, I'll have to stop and devote a chunk of time to processing/filing).

I prefer to attach reference material to either the project or the action which needs it; having "actions" which do nothing but carry reference material makes for a messy project.

DevonThink is better thought of as a smart filing cabinet than as a GTD task manager. No doubt there are some features that have been added that might tempt someone determined to have one tool that "does it all" but while it makes a much better place to store reference material, I've never felt the slightest desire to move the projects out of OmniFocus! If a natural workflow would be to print out task lists and store them in a physical filing cabinet, then perhaps such a person would be happy using DevonThink for the whole job. I'm not that guy :-)