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I do not wish to demean the rather substantial effort that was put into the template. However, it is for non-technical people. There are technical approaches that organise documents better, with less information on each page, etc. One of the results of all that info on each page is, people who use it and expand or it, and create quite large and intense messes. As in, they take the very busy examples in the template, and extend them. That will break any program or publication requirement, and at some point, it appears (I don't do that, so I have not this problem, but I have fielded a few questions about it) OmniGraffle breaks down.

But as per the resolutions, actually it is the template that breaks, not OG.

Better still to organise your docs, so that there is a clearly defined structure (website) that can be followed, and a reasonable amount of info on each page (both the document, the design, and the website). For wireframes, use one of the existing standards. Use Konigi as a guideline, not the final design, and don't go overboard.

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