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To answer my own question, I solved this with the help of the OP support desk.
I created a user in google apps, logged in as that user, and create many calendars, one each for each of my colleagues.

Then in the Settings -> Accounts I added a Google account, called it 'Planning Calender' and added the credentials for the newly created Google user.

After that I went to Project -> Configure Publications and Subscriptions and for each colleague I added 'tasks to/from calendar events', selected the 'Planning Calendar' and picked the calendar for that colleague. Finally I added a filter on the resource being that colleague.

Last step was to log into the google apps user again, and for each calendar, copy the ical link, and send that around so people could include the googel calendar into their own calendar.

Et voila! Every time I publish the new planning, everybody calendar gets updated to reflect the new status!