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I'm looking for a good syncable note app for the iPhone. I'm used to using my old Palm Z22 and it's ability to let me group Memos under different tags as well as let me do searches.

I'm after something that I can use as a note app on my iPhone that lets me group notes with tags and offers encryption for both passwords and data when syncing to a web site and preferably lets me sync to my Mac as well.

After I started using OmniFocus I like the way it syncs the iPhone app to the Desktop app using MobileMe. I've read the comments about people wishing for an OmniOutliner app for the iPhone but I guess I'll have to wait like everybody else.

I'm trying Evernote but I'm waiting for an update to it that allows notes to be stored locally on the iPhone. As it is I'm concerned about storing sensitive information on it without paying for the Evernote subscription which includes encryption of the actual data that is synced between the iPhone, Evernote web site and the Mac. If I have to I will pay to upgrade my account with Evernote so I can have the peace of mind with the encryption of my data.

I've read about CarbonFin Outliner for the iPhone. Does this work well with OmniOutliner? Does the CarbonFin Outliner offer encryption to both passwords and the actual data if I sync it to an account on their web site?

I've read about Zenbe Lists for the iPhone. How does that compare to the others?

I'm after an easy to use and secure solution that I can use until OmniOutliner for the iPhone is available. I'd rather be syncing my data through the one online service, i.e. MobileMe, rather than use a different online service for each app. That's partly why I'm looking forward to an OmniOutliner app for the iPhone.


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