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My two cents:

I was a long-time user of Outlook with the GTD plugin. I'm significantly happier to have made the switch to Omnifocus overall. I am not as happy with Omnifocus for iPhone because it has problems with large Omnifocus files. i tend to have a large OF file precisely because it is such a great app - clipping makes it easy to really suck in emails and text into actionable items. However, with the network and application size, the iPhone isn't as kind to a huge data file.

As an Outlook/GTD plugin user, I really was bought into the idea of the single big app (or integration between components) for calendar, contacts, and to-do lists. However, I have been pleasantly surprised that I really don't need them to pass data back and forth. For example, I don't use the to-do synchronization between iCal and OF.

Like others have mentioned, I really do miss the ability to create an event/appointment directly from an email. There is basic functionality to create iCal appointments from the Apple Mail app but I don't think it is as good.

To a lesser extent, I miss being able to DELEGATE and email and create a WAITING FOR action in the to-do list but it isn't a deal-breaker.

Overall, OF is a great app. And if I can get the OF data file down to a reasonable size so OF-iPhone doesn't keep crashing, I may be happy with that as well.

Irrespective of Omnifocus, I have to say that I do not miss Windows Vista at all. Using Windows Vista was hands-down the most painful computing experience I have ever had.