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Originally Posted by Forrest
By default it should be in your Favorites bar ;)
True. And by default it *was* in my Favorites bar. But the Favorites bar got crowded and I did some weeding :D , limiting myself to those links I visit most often (and that are not linked by another favorite).

I am here in the forum at least 3 days a week. The two circumstances that send me to OG itself are:
  • An announcement of an update, in which case I don't need a favorite or a link; and
  • An item being discussed in the Forum.

Pretty much every other support forum I participate in includes a link to the product or main section: Adobe, Citrix, PostNuke, Reunion, Dartmouth, Smarty, MySQL, Logician......

I say, give the user the maximum number of options possible for individual workflows. And how hard :confused: could it possibly be for the Forum to have a link to OG?

Just my opinion of course, but I'm sticking to it.....;)