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Like jimbo259, I believe OG should state clearly that their offerings on iDevices are companion products to their desktop programs, not standalone apps.
That's absolutely not the case. We designed all our iOS apps to work independently of our desktop apps, and we have tens of thousands of customers who are happily using those apps without a Mac.

We've also been very clear that if you purchase more than one edition of our apps, you get more value from the combination than you would from using them independently. For example, with the Mac edition of OmniFocus you can define perspectives that you can use on the iPad and iPhone editions; with the iPhone edition you get Siri; and with the iPad edition you get an incredible Review interface.

OO has never got opml…
I'm sorry, I'm a little confused: OmniOutliner for iPad has had support for editing OPML since v1.0. Many people are using it as a dedicated OPML editor; some even share their OPML documents with others over Dropbox.

All their apps have poorly implemented copy-and-paste and email out (if at all)
OmniGraffle, OmniGraphSketcher, and OmniOutliner are all able to email their documents in their own document format as well as several different export formats: OmniGraffle and OmniGraphSketcher can email PDF and PNG images, OmniOutliner can email OPML, Dynamic HTML, Simple HTML, and Plain Text.

… and none have Document Interchange, core iOS functions.
All of the above export options are also available with Document Interchange, so you can send PDF from OmniGraffle or OPML from OmniOutliner to any app which can open those formats.

Yet a cobbled-together attempt at integration with beta-Siri gets added into OF in the blink-of-an-eye, perhaps because that wasn't going to interfere with their perceived attempts to drive traffic to the desktop products?
We're not trying to drive any traffic from iOS to our desktop products; we're trying to make both sets of products as good as they can be as quickly as we can manage.

I understand your frustration with the time it takes for features to arrive, but we're not standing still. In the 29 months since the iPad was announced, we've made 154 submissions to the App Stores (65 submissions for iPad, 58 for Mac App Store, and 31 for iPhone). That's averaging more than one per week.

It's really beginning to look like they're running scared that if they give users the opportunity to easily exchange data with other products we might be tempted to switch.
It sounds like you've overlooked all the export functionality that we've already placed in all our apps. People are exchanging data between OmniOutliner and a variety of other apps (including iThoughtsHD) in exactly the manner you've suggested (using OPML and Document Interchange).

It's never been our intent to hold anyone's data hostage; in fact, quite the opposite, we were the first serious productivity app suite to adopt plain text XML in all our file formats so that it would be easy for any developer to read and write our document formats (which many have done).

I hope this helps.