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What exactly did you expect? You released another app that can only export to a screenshot or via the Mac-only desktop and don't expect some of us to have genuinely held beliefs that you're trying to "traffic drive", "bait-and-switch" or "hostage data" and not voice these opinions?

So, it's another waiting game, is it? You'll get around to fixing it.... sometime? Even if this is true, why should paying early-adopters expect to be marketing fodder so you can announce at WWDC that you've ported the line?

How about OF on the iPhone as just one example? I've already waited years to be able to export data, photos, audio etc. captured with this app without reverting to the desktop. You've been aware of these issues for a long, long time, yet the OmniFolk appear to have suffered collective amnesia again and have managed to engineer the identical 'problem' with OP. Oh, but you still apparently expect us to blithely agree this is acceptable and OP (or OF) is a standalone product?

You're aware that I hold 30-40 licences for all the Omni offerings apart from OP. I've been patient with the year-in-year-out excuses but after the release of what to my mind is a deliberately crippled OP, not any more, I've already started to trickle feed 1-2 star reviews into the the three international app stores where these licenses are held. I'll also be commenting, along with my team, our honest convictions on reviews where these apps are featured, that in our opinion they are not 'standalone', but these lack of export options are an actual 'feature', possibly in a desperate attempt to cross-sell the desktop versions.

If you don't like it, you know what to do. Quit waffling, year-after-year, and take some ACTION. Go back and revisit the lack of copy-and-paste, import/export, DI, etc. in your Omni iDevice offerings and fix them. If you want to show some good faith, how about incorporating your own Send to Omni* integration between them? If not, just be honest, and label them 'companion' apps in the stores and when submitting them for review. It'll save some of us having to do it for you.


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