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Thanks - my first response was wrong - first of all, it turns out that the script does actually pick up the pathname, as the help page suggests.

For me this kind of thing is working:

-m '/Users/username/Library/Scripts/Applications/Omnifocus/Bright.itmz'

Could I ask you to experiment with trying this with the Bright.itmz and pastel.itm templates in the .zip, to see if they are making a difference on your system ?

(I take it that the script is not reporting failure to find the template ?)

The script does two things with the template:
1. it adopts the plist wrapping of the data
2. it reads the colours just from the top level branches

It may be worth studying the two supplied examples in a text editor (you'll need to unzip the .itmz file and look at the map.itm file which it contains) and comparing them with the template you are using.

Ok, my bad. I wasn't unzipping the .itmz file so that's why the script wasn't picking up the styles.

It looks like you can't set shapes in the current version. Maybe there's a workaround for this?

For instance, here's the template, and the file based on it.


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