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I certainly had this very issue and started with MS Onenote which was fine until my company switched to Google everything. I since found Evernote and it is great. I put all reference material there as David Allen suggests. He was actually the keynote at Evernote's conference this year and spoke about just this issue (reference vs. action).

To get an integration between my action items and reference, there wasn't a good solution. So, I built one. It's called TaskClone. It essentially allows you to take notes normally (e.g. meetings) and then identify the tasks in the notes with Evernote checkboxes. TaskClone then extracts or "clones" the tasks in the background (via Evernote's Cloud API) and sends them to Omnifocus as tasks. A link back to the Evernote note is added as a note to the task.

It's not the holy grail of a two-way sync, but it solved my issues and I didn't want to manage tasks in Evernote anyway. There are many happy OF users taking advantage of it currently.

We also added the ability to turn items into Google Calendar events as well since many times follow-up meetings are scheduled during the process of taking meeting notes.

Visit the homepage or see a quick 2min video on the process.